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That Clip Died for You
the Messianic storm over a Jews for Jesus video

The outreach clip released by Jews for Jesus last year (apr/2014), entitled “That Jew Died for You”,
is the cause of the storm documented in this article. Or is it? 

Finding that the controversy had pulled in old friends and leaders who interact with the Israeli believers,
I decided to see if their charges were justified.
Investigating a year after the fact provided a complete picture of the Messianic (and non-Messianic) commentary on the clip.
More specifically, I could test the repeated MJ claims of widespread Jewish backlash from TJDFY
– which at the time were mostly confident predictions rather than reported events.

A comprehensive reality check of the Messianic reactions revealed a disturbing condition that needs urgent attention from the Body.
The report became an appeal to feuding Family members to re-examine our commitment to truth, our source of self-affirmation,
and ultimately our identity as redeemed Israel born of the Spirit.

So good can still come of this affair. In the end, we might be thankful that the clip came under such strong Messianic attack,
because it brought our dysfunction into focus and gave us a reason to examine ourselves.

This is the latest addition to our Learning and Turning Corner series.    Access the article directly here


Torah Answers for Anti-Missionaries

We issue a warm invitation to all believers, both Jewish and Gentile, who are harboring doubts (even in secret). If you have been troubled by inadequate answers to challenges from counter-missionaries, and honesty has compelled you to conclude that Yeshua cannot be the Messiah after all, or that it's wrong to call Him "G-d", this Torah-based web hub will encourage and strengthen you. We recommend that you start here for a pleasant shock.

We also issue a respectful challenge to our dati/frum Jewish brethren, to test your foundations. There are certain "givens" concerning rabbinic history, the chain of Torah transmission, and other assumptions that inform your view of Torah obedience. Regardless of your position on Yeshua, you cannot hope to merit the days of Moshiach unless you are first committed to deal only with the truth of G-d.  Enter here... if you dare.


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TAAM - Torah Answers for Antimissionaries
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