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Rosh Ha-Hodashim (the New Year)
arrives at sundown, 30/march *

Literally translating as "Head of the Months / the New Things", the first day of the first month (today called Nisan)was commanded by G-d (Exod.12:2) asthe proper date for (1) marking the Jewish New Year, and (2) counting the passing years since Israel became a nation.

Even though the Talmud recognizesthe firsttruth(Rosh Hashana 2b), and Scriptureconfirms the second (Num.33:38, 1 Kings 6:1),at some point in Jewish history these truths were abandoned.

Nisan 1wasdowngraded to one of four rabbinically derived "new year" dates - taking a distant second placebehind the seventh month (Tishrei 1).  Likewise,year-counting was completely divorced from "Israel's departure from Egypt"bya 3-foldswitch to a differentmonth, a different beginning event, anda different message.

Today,Rosh Ha-Hodashimis arguably the most neglected of the LORD's "appointed times" for Israel... receiving less attention from the orthodox community than even marginalholidayslike"Tu B'Shvat" and"Lag B'Omer".

Andafter second-Temple times,rabbinic leaders not only stopped counting the yearssince the Exodus, butmade it impossible for anyone else in the Jewish communitytocount them.
Do you wonder why? We did.

In 2012, RZset outto investigatewhat happened to the original Rosh Ha-Hodashim. Wediscoveredunexpected treasures:scriptural truth, spiritual wealth, and even neglectedwisdom from ancient Jewish sages -allconnected tothis very first commandment given to Israel as a nation.

A great deal of theForgotten Milestone points to Yeshua, which hints that therabbinic move away fromearlier observance was deliberate and calculated.For the same reason, someremarkable Jewishteachings surrounding the month of Nisan have alsobeenaltered, moved to another time of year, or denied.

We also investigated the various attempts by scholarsto restart the counting of the years since the Exodus, which involved a hunt for the "lost" years in rabbinic calculations that show up in contemporary secular sources. Patient untangling of the conflicting theories resulted in a suggestedsolution - along with reasons why it was worth the effort.

Toaccess all of the above findings, start here:  http://www.restorersofzion.org/RT_illust_gospel.htm


According to the ancient rabbinic calculations, the new month begins 1/april (i.e. sundown, 31/march). But according to computerized NASA projections, the new moon willoccur the night before this, 30-31/march. (To verifythe NASA informationwith a "second witness", we used the online calculator of the U.S. Naval Observatory:http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/RS_OneDay.php .)

This of course affectsthe beginning of Passover and the time toabstain fromleaven- the 14th of the month. This is markedas sundown on monday, 14/aprilon theJewish calendar... but going by the moon, it should be sundown on sunday, 13/april.

It raises a valid question for the Messianic community: Does the Lord prefer that webegin His Feast on the day indicated by the moon, or on the day dictated by the Jewish leaders?

Forbelievers who feelthat parting ways withtherabbinic community in observing the Lord's Appointed Times is a dilemma the Lord would like us to avoid.... be aware of some unpublished Jewishrealities:

  1. In this civil year (2014), the Jewish calendar is wrong on the new-moon dates 10 times out of 12.
  2. The rabbinic communityis aware of theincreasing unreliabilityof the1600-year-oldcalculations... andsomeare worried. 
  3. Nevertheless, norabbi (not even the new "Sanhedrin" in Jerusalem)isbrave enough toreturn to the second-Temple traditions
  4. The Talmudrecords an ancientteachingthat this artificially setcalendarwas only meant to be followed untilthe Messiah comes!

Go here for more information: http://www.restorersofzion.org/NGF_yom-kippur.htm(scroll down to Reasons 10,11,12 and 13)

Thefollowers of Messiah worldwide, both Jewish and Gentile,are alreadyfamiliar with the idea of restoring the Feasts of the Lord to something more faithful to G-d's word-interms ofhow and whythey are observed. What wouldbe more fittingthanto also restorethe G-d-givencalendar that governs when they are observed?
We at RZbelieve the time has come for Yeshua's disciples to reclaim thisabandoned territoryin His Name. Pray about taking a step in that direction this year.


Christ at the Checkpoint: the Failing Experiment

The great Christian-Messianic-Zionist reconciliation experiment at Bethlehem Bible College
recently held a third round.

Both Zionists and anti-Zionists had declared the last Conference an inspiring success. 

One week before CatC 2014 opened, RZ measured those claims by the declared goals of both sides.
We found a series of disturbing failures .along with one alarming success.

READ IT HERE.  (For a version in HTML, go here.)

As before, there are lots of evaluations and claims being published about CatC 2014, on both sides.
We prefer to wait for time to reveal if there has been any solid achievement.  Stay tuned.


Torah Answers for Anti-Missionaries

We issue a warm invitation to all believers, both Jewish and Gentile, who are harboring doubts (even in secret). If you have been troubled by inadequate answers to challenges from counter-missionaries, and honesty has compelled you to conclude that Yeshua cannot be the Messiah after all, or that it's wrong to call Him "G-d", this Torah-based web hub will encourage and strengthen you. We recommend that you start here for a pleasant shock.

We also issue a respectful challenge to our dati/frum Jewish brethren, to test your foundations. There are certain "givens" concerning rabbinic history, the chain of Torah transmission, and other assumptions that inform your view of Torah obedience. Regardless of your position on Yeshua, you cannot hope to merit the days of Moshiach unless you are first committed to deal only with the truth of G-d.  Enter here... if you dare.


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