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Next-Generation Fellowships

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This section focuses on rediscovering scriptural principles that we have neglected,
causing spiritual damage, sickness and loss to the Lord's people.
We explore practical ways to restore and apply them,
for the next generation of the Body of Messiah.

Reader responses are encouraged.


1. Rescuing Lost Sheep

There's a big spiritual difference between a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and a sheep about to "go to the wolves." A shepherd's response needs to be vastly different in each case. Are we to up the challenge of telling them apart?
The comments are addressed particularly to leaders in congregations, but they are profitable for all mature believers trying to relate to someone who has "fallen away from the faith" or who appears about to walk away.

2: RZ Survey: The "War on Israel in December 2012" Prophecy

Here we offer a combination of research and commentary, exploring the results of our survey and what they say about the Body of Messiah. Besides the responses themselves, you can read about the implications of who actually responded, what they had to say about testing modern prophecy, and how they related to this dramatic but empty prediction. Interesting questions were raised about discernment, leadership and the next generation.
Then we drilled down a few levels. We tracked down the original prophecies and compared them with reality, with scripture, and with one another. We analyzed the after-the-failure defenses sent out by one of them, comparing them to scripture and truth. Lastly, we did extensive checkups on the track records of the people who gave them...
not recommended for the fainthearted.

3: How We Test Prophecy (and what it's costing us)

These personal observations are based on my exploration of the modern “prophetic mantle” movement, the prevailing standards of prophecy testing in light of scripture, and particularly the Body's response to the above-mentioned prophecy that targeted Israel. With all the abuses, coverups, apathy and confusion, is it possible to restore a pure, balanced approach to prophecy? As the last article in the previous series, it's important enough to be listed on its own.

4: 14 Reasons Not to Fast on September 14

“Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement: September 14, 2013 (beginning sundown Friday Sept.13).” So say calendars all over the world. But it’s not true. If you have taken the Jewish calendar at face value for many years as I have, you might be shocked. How could there be a mistake? The truth is that such mistakes occur rather often... by deliberate design.
This year (2013) we at RZ present an opportunity for followers of Yeshua who are committed to keeping the Holy Days of the LORD to make an informed choice and observe Yom Kippur on its proper day. Read 14 reasons why you should, followed by some ideas on how to deal with the implications as a community in a way that brings glory to G-d, fulfills our calling and brings our people back to Him.








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