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First, allow us to remove some wrong assumptions about this web hub.

Neither these pages nor its authors are sponsored by any Christian or Jewish organization. Restorers of Zion is not under anyone's organizational umbrella, and this independence has been both a handicap and a strength. Writing these pages has been a slower process, taking several years, done on a volunteer basis after earning our living in the regular job market. For the same reason, getting this hub into the public eye has been slow and gradual, driven by word-of-mouth support and not the publicity networks of larger ministries. But we are compensated by the freedom "to run where other ministries fear to tread," with no worries about donor sensitivities, budgetary restraints or media image. Our only limitations are those the Spirit of G-d places on us.

This is not a "Messianic Jewish" or "Jews for Jesus" site.  We unapologetically identify the Messiah of Israel as Yeshua of Nazareth, and we embrace the New Covenant (the New Testament) as a source of G-d's truth.  So there will be some overlap with standard teaching in the Messianic Jewish community.  But we have tackled and resolved some Torah issues that the Messianic community has failed to address so far as we know. Some of our findings may challenge Messianic Jews as much as they challenge Orthodox and liberal Jews. 

On the other hand, Messianic Jews are likely to find answers to issues that have troubled them - the result of shallow Torah teaching, misused Biblical Hebrew, and/or ignorance (by anti-missionaries and Messianic leaders alike) of historical Jewish positions. Our work is a gift of love to our fellow-Jews who want to deal with the straight truth, "and especially to those who are of the household of faith." (Gal.6:10)

Our goal is not interfaith dialog between Christians and Jews.  Both Christians and Jews will hopefully discover new truth here that will change the way they look at their respective faiths, but it is a site that honest observers can only describe as "Jewish".  It is written particularly for the rabbinic community.  Christians - and Jews - who are not used to Jewish ways of reading and discussing the Hebrew Scriptures may feel lost or uncomfortable. 

The material does not rely on rabbinic authority.  Jews who are not used to exploring Torah without rabbinic supervision may feel just as uncomfortable as the Torah-challenged. We recognize that most Orthodox Jews consider "legitimate Torah" to be subject to validation by rabbinic teaching (Oral Torah).  We have the opposite approach: we consider "legitimate Oral Torah" to be subject to validation by the written Torah and Prophets.  Actually, our position is upheld by the rabbinic community... in theory, not in practice.

This is not an academic exercise or an intellectual challenge.  We have made every effort to be intellectually consistent, diligent in research and faithful to Torah in what we present here.  But we have not relied on mental effort alone.  Much prayer has been invested, with full awareness of the intense spiritual warfare surrounding true Torah restoration.  We also confess that many of our discoveries cannot be accounted for by our intellectual abilities; they are the result of direct revelation from the Holy Spirit, as Yeshua promised to His disciples (John 14:26).

This is not an open debate forum either.  There is no portal for joining, posting comments or starting discussion threads. We accept all honest challenges or questions by email, and we try to respond honestly, but we do not feel obligated to post everything sent to us.  We will post responses and questions that are on-topic and are supported by legitimate Torah (see our definition above). We will even post strong objections, if they are respectfully presented.

Last but not least, this hub is not finished.  It is definitely an open-ended project, and we freely admit we have barely scratched the surface.  We will be adding new material as the Lord allows. 

May Yeshua our Lord, Master and Rabbi be glorified as the Holy One of G-d.  And may the influence of the Ruach HaKodesh be recognized by all those who seek the Truth of G-d. 

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