Restored Torah:

Putting the pieces together in the Messiah

Are "the Days of the Messiah" here, or not?

In the Days of the Messiah, His people will be regathered and restored, and Torah will be taught as it's never been known before: through intimacy with the Messiah Himself, the Living Torah.

This is a concept rooted in the Scriptures and upheld in rabbinic tradition... at least in theory.

It's also embraced by those who follow Yeshua Ha-Notzri as Messiah... in theory.

Messianic believers declare that the Days of the Messiah have arrived. 
Yet most are teaching the Torah selectively, downplaying or spiritualizing statements in the Law that are not accepted as "doable" by the (modern) Messianic community.
Even the parts taught and practiced by the writers of the New Testament have become garbled in the translations, set aside or overlooked altogether in Messianic/Christian teaching.
Embracing these is considered "bondage" and "divisive" - and as proof, they point to how the rabbinic community has made Torah into a system of works-based righteousness.

Rabbinic authorities deny that the Days of the Messiah have arrived. 
This is because they too are teaching the Torah selectively, rejecting or ignoring those parts about Messiah that are not accepted as "teachable" by the (modern) rabbinic community.

Even the parts taught and anticipated by the early sages have been buried by later (and lesser) sages under contrary teaching, or just plain denial that they exist.
Open discussion of these is considered "dangerous" and "destructive to Torah" - and as proof, they point to how the Messianic community has done violence to Torah commands for Israel in their daily life.

Welcome to an unusual Torah project,
where the Messiah Himself is teaching us.

Through our living relationship with Yeshua, we are starting to recover some of these lost, misunderstood, ill-fitting pieces of Torah, which to our knowledge are not completely resolved either in the Messianic community or in the rabbinic community.  In the process, we are discovering keys to some lost, misunderstood, ill-fitting pieces in the New Covenant as well.  The results:

How to Read Torah through Jewish Eyes

There are basic differences between the way the Scriptures are read, interpreted and taught in the Torah-Jewish community as opposed to the Biblical-Christian community. The Messiah and His apostles based their teachings on the rabbinic approach, so learning to read the Scriptures as they did tends to unlock previously mystifying verses in the New Testament.

If you are not familiar with those differences, click here for an introduction.

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