Want to support Restorers of Zion?


There are many ways to help, besides sending money!

We realize, especially in these times of upheaval, that financial hardship may severely limit those who would like to donate, or who have donated in the past. 

Have you ever considered a "currency exchange"? 

Whatever amount you wish you could send financially, calculate an equivalent in some other kind of support: 

ALL these kinds of help are valuable and will further the Lord's work through RZ.

In fact, a significant part of RZ ministry does not involve handling money, but rather the spiritual wealth G-d has entrusted to us.

Scarcity of finances will not limit us in distributing things of spiritual value - which is ultimately all that will remain when He comes to test our works.


To those who are able to send material support:

Nearly 100% of every donation goes directly to projects helping the needy believers in Israel.    

How do we do that?  Restorers work is carried out using our private homes, phones and cars, resulting in minimal operating expenses and no office or car expenses for the ministry.  Our personal living expenses are met through other sources (mostly our Israeli jobs).  

We have opted to manage the ministry this way so that the full benefit of your donations can go to RZ projects, and to those in greater financial need. 

How to donate funds to Restorers of Zion

Residents of North America can do so by sending a check (tax-deductible in the U.S.) to Road to Zion Inc., 8001 Eastwood Lane, Pensacola, FL 32514. Donors from anywhere in the world can make PayPal transfers at the Road to Zion website.

Enclose a note saying that you are interested in supporting Restorers of Zion projects (and let us know that a donation is on the way).

Like RZ, Road to Zion is also managed by volunteers with minimal expenses. 

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