Restorers of Zion in a Nutshell

a short presentation


When Yeshua's Jewish brethren become rooted firmly in their own land,
miracles happen.

But not without a battle.

When the Lord began to call Jewish believers back to the identity of their forefathers,
the Jewish Remnant restored a blessing to the Church that was lost since the days of Constantine.

When the Lord restored the Land of Israel to the people of Israel,
the tiny nation began to bless the world with contributions in many fields.

And as the Jewish believers increase in Israel,
the potential for G-d's power to be demonstrated through His people - and to His people - is greater than ever before.

But the obstacles are great. The same situation exists today that caused Nehemiah to grieve over the return to Zion in his day:  the Lord's Remnant is "in great distress and reproach" (Neh. 1:3), with an urgent need for restoration:

Seen at a glance, these needs are overwhelming. And yet our G-d is equal to the challenge.

What's more, He has promised in His Word to restore His remnant in all these areas... and more!

This is the vision that gave birth to the ministry, Restorers of Zion.

Restorers is serving at a time when restoration of the Israeli Body of Messiah is more strategic than ever.

The obstacles seem more formidable than ever too.

Many believers are extremely needy, a real challenge for the few leaders in each congregation to handle on their own. Those needs are further aggravated by the instability across Israel due to the economic situation and other pressures.

Israelis are increasingly turning to a "me first" strategy in order to cope, as well as escaping into New Age and hedonist lifestyles. Yet for disciples of Yeshua who stand firm, there is great openness among those who are searching for meaning, for role models they can respect, and for evidence that there is indeed a God in Israel.

The Body of Messiah in Israel is destined to lead the entire nation to salvation.

We see the pattern in the first-century Apostolic community, who reaped a Jewish harvest and "turned the world upside-down" as well. But today's Israeli Remnant needs restoration in order to become that model of faith, love and integrity that will bring Eternal Life to their weary and scared nation.

This restoration will take many helping hands, both Jewish and Gentile. In fact, according to the Scriptures (especially Isaiah), G-d has given the Gentile believers a leading role in restoring Zion.


How does Restorers of Zion build up the Israeli Body?

Our role is mainly to fill in the gaps :

 Specific activities Restorers has sponsored:

*     Financial aid and counseling for needy Israeli believers, particularly widows and orphans
*     Surveys among Israeli leaders to match needs and resources
*     A cooperative resource pool for Israeli congregations
*     Efforts to address unmet needs in the Body, particularly through teaching materials
*     Working partnerships with other ministries that seek Israel's restoration
 Future Restorers projects, as the Lord makes them possible:

*    Apprenticeships and career-training opportunities for Israeli believers
*    New-immigrant adoption by veteran Israelis and overseas sponsors
*    A full-service Council to promote integrity among Israeli believers in business and ministry
*    Seminars and teaching on topics that promote repentance, restoration and unity
*    Teaching about the Gentile's role in restoring Israel, as described in Scripture
*    Discipleship of believers into a Spirit-led walk that will bear witness to Israel
*    Torah-based answers for antimissionaries and doubting believers
*    Recruitment of intercessors who will support various projects in prayer

If you share our vision for Israel's restoration, we invite you to become a Restorer of Zion:

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