Partners and Supporters

with Restorers of Zion

Ministries working hand in hand with Restorers

Road to Zion -
A special guided trip to Israel that blends touring the "real" Israel with volunteering in service projects to the Messianic community. First-timers to Israel and veteran tourists alike have reported a great sense of fulfillment in being able to use their hands and their skills to express love to their brethren in Israel. 

Restorers helps locate needs in Israel that will benefit from the skills of these "working tourists".  In addition, Restorers receives donations from American believers through Road to Zion for projects that serve the Israeli believers.

Road to Zion is registered in the U.S. as a 501c3 charitable organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

Nehemiah Covenant Corp (in memorium)
An American 501c3 charitable organization with an admirable track record of helping Israeli believers beginning in 1999.  In 2003, NCC was attacked in a civil lawsuit, which leveled false accusations against the board. Although they were cleared of all charges in 2006, as well as winning two appeals filed by the plaintiffs, the NCC board members were exhausted from the 5-year ordeal.  They decided to disband the organization at the end of 2008.

Between 2004 and 2008, Restorers partnered with NCC to locate and validate financial needs in Israel that met NCC criteria, via our congregational "Shamash Network".  We were privileged to work with these selfless volunteers, and we salute them as men and women of integrity. 

We have left this entry on our site as a memorial to that fruitful relationship. On behalf of Yeshua's Body in Israel we thank each of you - Tom, Janice, Sherri, Steve, Lin and Steve - for your years of loving service to the Israeli believers.  Your sacrifices were not in vain.

Founder Orna Greenman, an Israeli-born believer, serves abandoned families among the believers in the Land.  Her firsthand experience as a single mother has given her a special rapport with other single women, and her teaching fills a knowledge gap in the Lord's Body, not only here in Israel but around the world.

Restorers has supported these efforts in our days as a registered charity, with financial donations and publicity.  For more about Ot-U'Mofet, see our webpage that includes some of the teaching offered by this unique ministry, as well as a description of the ministry itself.

Return Ministries -
A Canadian organization with a wide reach across their country and beyond, through drama, video productions and tours to Israel.  Among their services to the Church worldwide, they offer a "Daily Focus" program (applying Biblical history and prophecy to current events and your walk with the Lord), and a live-theater parable about G-d's love for Israel (which they performed in churches across Canada during "Operation Ignite").

Restorers has shared on "Daily Focus" about the restoration of the Land and the people from the viewpoint of Israeli believers.  We are also privileged to speak to Return tour groups about life in the Land.

Tishrei Magazine

A UK-based quarterly journal edited by Dr. Clifford Denton and mailed to an international readership.  Tishreh has a scholarly Hebrew-roots orientation and offers commentary on current spiritual challenges in the Church, Biblical study helps and thought-provoking articles on Israel.  Subscriptions are available by writing to Dr. Denton.

Restorers contributes articles on spiritual lessons learned from life in Israel, in a regular column called "Letter from Israel".

Groups that have helped with Restorers projects in various other ways - donations, logistics, networking, info-sharing and/or promotion:

Our heartfelt thanks to you, on behalf of Yeshua's Body in Israel!

Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation - USA/Israel
Tents of Mercy Textiles - Israel
Middle East Ministries - USA

Yam Ahavato - Israel
Beit Asaph - Israel
Tor Nach Zion - Germany
Amiti - Israel/UK - Israel
Joseph Project - Israel
Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) - Israel
Prayer for Israel - UK

How to donate to Restorers of Zion

During 2010, RZ gradually shut down the "amuta" side of the ministry, the governmental structure that enabled our organization to handle donations. This move relieves us of the many beaurocratic restrictions and requirements placed on registered Israeli charities, and allows us to run our ministry by spiritual priorities that are free of financial or political considerations. On the other hand, we are no longer entitled to accept donations or to distribute finances.

U.S. citizens who would like to contribute financially to RZ projects can still do so by sending a check (tax-deductible in the U.S.) to our U.S. partners, Road to Zion Inc., 8001 Eastwood Lane, Pensacola, FL 32514.  (Road to Zion, like RZ, is also managed by volunteers with minimal expenses.) Enclose a note saying that you are interested in supporting Restorers of Zion projects (and let us know).

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